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The Catholic Business Network (CBN) was established with the mission to bring together Catholic business owners, professionals and executives for the advancement of Catholic values and ethics in their work and to serve the broader community.

Since it's establishment in 2017, the CBN programme has fast become one of the city's top networking events, drawings in thousands of business professionals from a wide range of sectors across Canterbury. It is the first Catholic professional network of its kind in New Zealand. 


The programme is successfully realising the hope that the network brings together business and community leaders to discuss matters of mutual concern and share ideas focused on contemporary issues.

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Leading the Way

One of Otatahi's Leading

Networking Events

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CBN Database

Grown to over 

500 Professionals

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Networking Opportunities

Enabling over 1,200 networking

opportunities over eight events

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Supporting Charitable Causes

St Vincent de Paul, JPII Centre for Life

Bishop's Care Appeal, Catholic Social Services

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