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The CBN actively supports one Catholic-aligned charity for each event, by providing them with a platform to discuss and to promote their valuable work, and by fundraising through ticket sales and by auctioning off table centre pieces after each event. Please help support the wonderful work and service these charities provide.


Raised for our Charitable Causes
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Our Charities


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This CBN we’ll be collecting in aid of World Youth Day.


This year we have had an unprecedented amount of interest from local young people wishing to join the World Youth Day pilgrimage - of over 120 travelling from New Zealand 33 will be from our Christchurch Diocese.


The WYD Pilgrimage offers attendees a 21-day pilgrimage through holy sites of France and Portugal before culminating at World Youth Day celebrations in Lisbon on August 6th led by Pope Francis and with over one million young people in attendance. WYD is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for our young people to grow in faith, make friends, share experiences, and establish lifelong connections. But it doesn’t come cheap, so please support our WYD collection to help offset the costs of the overall trip for the young people of our diocese.

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